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In a tale rife with adventure, romance, and intrigue, the Morgan family travels across lifetimes fighting a powerful force that's seeking to limit humanity and destroy the world as we know it. Brought together by circumstance and destiny, distant relatives must travel back to certain critical points in time to prevent the ruthless Max Hauptman and his son, Carlo, from changing the past and causing catastrophic changes to the present.

After consuming a specialized herb concoction prepared by a long-dead ancestor, the consciousness of each member of the Morgan family is transported into his or her previously incarnated body. Over the course of far-ranging time periods and historic events-including Roman Britain, King Philip's War in colonial America, the Salem Witch Trials, and 18th-century Turkey and France-they must fight, together and individually, to thwart the attempts of various incarnations of Max to alter history. As the Morgans struggle to survive and discover their roles in their respective incarnations, they learn valuable lessons about the mistakes of their past selves and how to make their future lives more meaningful and fulfilling.What if the only way to save the world meant going back in time . . .

Not just once, but again and again?